Airport Cleaning Job And Helper Job vacancy available -dubai

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Airport Cleaners Vaccancy 21, Helper Vaccancy 19

Job Purpose: To be responsible for aircraft cleanliness and hygiene (as per operating airlines requirements) in accordance with laid down procedures and regulations.

Qualifications & Experience: Engineering.Other : No Work Experience : 8 years schooling or equivalent. Knowledge/skills: Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and their applications is preferred. Safety Sensitive role- Yes Details of Safety Sensitive role ENA Working at height Yes Exposure to hazardous energy systems Yes Heavy lifting Yes Working in areas with motorised mobile equipment Yes Work in confined spaces Yes Contact with contaminations materials (Humans/Animals/Chemicals) Yes Contact with dangerous good Yes Work in an extremely noisy environment Yes Work in heat Yes Working with pressurised substances Yes Exposure to fixed protruding sharp objects Yes Exposure to contact with moving/falling objects Yes Airport driving permit Yes Other ( please specify)


  • Food and accommodation
  • Over Time
  • Uniform
  • Medical Insurance


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